2012 Red Dessert Wine

The Winemaking
Winemaking for our Port wines is performed in our on-premise bonded winery. The grapes are hand picked and each cluster sorted on the day of harvest. Prior to fermentation, the wine is kept in contact with the skins and pulp for several days to impart color and flavor. We carefully control the yeast fermentation to ensure the wine has sufficient sugar left to combine with the acids and esters. We fortify the in-process wine with high-proof brandy at precisely the right moment to stop the fermentation and allow just the right amount of sugar to remain. The new wine is placed in the best quality French oak to age to perfection. Our procedures require very gentle handling of the wine from vineyard to bottle, a process we consider vital to the production of an artisan wine.

The Wine

Dark crimson color and aromas of Boysenberry and Cherry give way to the taste of ripe, mouth-filling chocolate and mocha with a hint of marshmallow and graham cracker. Gentle tannins are present throughout, filling the mouth with flavor and creating a generously sweet complexity that lingers on the palette for several minutes.

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